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So I wasn't tagged, but since I have zero things to do I think this will be fun! 1. My first kpop song was Don't You Worry by Brown Eyes. Back when I was into j-rock this popped into one of my playlists and I didn't even know it was kpop until a year later. 2. I officially discovered kpop through BubzBeauty's hair tutorial for Oh! -SNSD 3. My first female bias is Soyou (Sistar), I never paid attention to female singers before Soyou. She's gorgeous and I love her voice. 4. My first male bias is , of course TOP. How can you resist that smolder, or that deep ass voice? I was a goner the moment I laid eyes on him. 5. My FIRST favorite groups were BIGBANG & 2NE1. 6. First dance I learned was Love is Move by Secret. 7. My favorite kpop group now is BIGBANG. (pretty obvious) 8. I don't watch korean reality shows, I just watch clips of them on YouTube. 9. Another group (besides BIGBANG) that will always have a place in my heart will be BTS. Those boys have seriously made a dent in my soul. 10. The first kpop thing I ever bought was a BIGBANG AND 2NE1 poster. 11. Life before kpop was dull, boring, depressing, unhappy, and just about every bad adjective you can think of. 12. Life now with kpop is much brighter and the complete opposite of everything above. I want to tag: @ephneyt @tokage15 @zaria36915 @ygvip21 @nokita @JonathanPerez @j_ssicarose @altorr
love it! You should watch the running man with Top and Big Bang if you haven't, they are so funny!
@zellie15 thank you zellie for the tag I will do it on Sunday! :D gomawo ^^
thanks, that's actually one I have watched completely! ! @VixenViVi have you done a kpop tag?