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Every state is full of hiking trails that are worth exploring. I've explored many in PA, OH, WV...the list goes on! So, I thought I'd just share some links to parks you might want to check out in Ohio. I didn't provide much on each trail but if you follow the links you'll be able to find out more details than just the location if it seems like the right trail for you!
You can often spot eagles here! Located in Northwest Ohio.
Located in Munson, OH, this preserve is 101 acres large. It has scenic lakes and lots of places to spot water fowl as well.
Youngstown, OH, this place is a pretty typical northeastern trail and hiking area. Enjoy it!
Located in Rockbridge, there are 12 miles of pretty advanced trail here!
This is in Glouster-- there are 7 hiking trails there, but also 3 bridle trails!
@2littlelegs Lake Erie is pretty awesome though!!!
@happyrock I have been to lake Erie
@happyrock sadly no. All these places are farther south in the state I'm up in the northwest corner.
@2littlelegs Cool! Have you ever been to any of these places? They look awesome.
I'm from Ohio.