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Omg yes especially since im going BB MADE concert tour thingy here in L.A
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It' between TOP or GD but I love the other members equally tho @majesticx who's yours??
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DAESUNG. DAESUNG JUST DAESUNG. Lol! I love all the members but Daesung has like a special place in my heart. I'm not sure why, but ever since I saw him I just adored him @ilovebtsjl
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Lol his voice is so ahh words can't explain it but GD and TOP have a special place in my heart than other idols but all of BIG BANG does there #1 for me <3 @majesticx
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Exactly!!!! They're all extremely talented! @ilovebtsjl
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Yup they are!! @majesticx
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