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Kpop History Tag
I was tagged by @VixenViVi. so here is my history with Kpop
1. Lucifier-SHINee
2. FIrst through high school, than I really got into it because one of my best friends was into it.
3. Yuri- SNSD
4. Minho- SHINee
5. SHINee
6. Gee-SNSD
7. SHINee/BigBang
8. Hello Baby with SHINee
9. BTS, Got7, SISTAR, TVXQ, 2ne1, 2pm, EXO, F(x), SuperJunior, Uniq, Ailee,Leesang,
10. SHINee Snapback
11. Since I am Hawaiian, my life revovled around my culture, my family, and mainly going to school. Especially helping my dad who was very sick.
12. Kpop has given life new meaning for me. I mean I am still connected to my roots in Hawaii, but i to be honest kpop has helped me through some really difficult times, especially when my dad past away about a year ago. I fell into a depression with even suicidal thoughts and it was kpop and the variety shows, that lifted my spirits. Kpop has also given me motivation to better my health and lose weight.
ok so this is basically my first encounter with kpop. now i have to tag ten other people.
ok go ahead!!!
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I'm glad you had kpop to help you! Its doing the same for me now, and yayayayy Shawols XD