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I'd like to pose another interesting tidbit for everyone here to take on. The Translation Challenge! We all know that Kpop songs can be oddly translated sometimes. Or just have some random words in English that don't exactly make sense. I want to share some of these incidents with everyone and encourage you all to look for the same!! 😁 P.S. I love all these groups. It's meant to be some comedic relief, not to bash on anyone. It's all in good fun. :)
1.) B1A4: Beautiful Target Here are the lyrics: Oh my beautiful target, you zoom zoom heart like a rocket. Oh my beautiful target, you zoom zoom my heart like a rocket. First, this sounds more dangerous than anything. If the target is your heart, a rocket flying into it really won't help you very much. Also, saying "my" in the second line, but not in the first, I find very funny. :)
2.) Exo: Mama Lyrics: Careless. Careless. Shoot anonymous, anonymous. Heartless, mindless. No one. Who care about me? Before actually reading these lyrics, I thought it was still Korean. I just find this quite an odd things to be chanting. And so intently at that.
3.) Super Junior: Mr. Simple Lyrics: Because you naughty, naughty (repeated) Most people know this one, and I find it kind of humorous. Just the little grammatical things that usually go unnoticed crack me up. Maybe I'm alone in this respect though.
4.) JYJ: Mission Lyrics: So, probably your money is unpublic Try to save my life like a puppy and cream Another hot movie character bumble bee Treat me like a slave and I pray is it Halloween Trick or treats oh please don't even try to pull my head down your way Brand new person. A man? So f**k off no more talk. I honestly can't even follow this one, or have any idea what they're trying to say. But hey, I still love them! 😁
5.) TVXQ: Purple Line Lyrics: I really wanna touch myself This is another classic one that most people know. Not quite sure if this is meant to be seriously erotic or uncomfortably misinterpreted. Either way, I find it humorous as well.
Now that I gave five good starter ones, I'd like to see it if y'all come up with your own! :D I don't want to tag anyone, so just on your own time, I'd love to see more of this put out!! κ°μ‚¬ν•©λ‹ˆλ‹€!!!
I thought it was "Because I naughty naughty?" And oh my gosh the last one πŸ˜‚
Asianinvasion97, I thought it was "I" as well, but when I double checked all these lyrics, multiple places had "you"
I always laugh at the JYJ one. I can't help it. I wish they would hire me to check their English lyrics. I'll do it for free (or for a hug).