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So I'm just wondering what everyone thinks about this.
I'm a firm believer that if you like or are falling for someone, even if you don't intend to act on it, you need to tell them. I'm not saying you should tell everyone you have the slightest crush on that you like them, but if that crush develops into actual feelings (like or love), I think you have to tell them.
Even if you don't expect a relationship, or you are already getting over those feelings, I think that the other person can always sense them, and not coming clear or clearing them up will lead to an awkwardness that can't be overcome. You can tell them everything (including that you're not actually interested in a relationship) but you should tell them.
What do you think? Is there a time when you SHOULDN'T tell someone? Let me know your thoughts :)
Being upfront and honest with your feelings is always best. It may/may not be something that the person wants to hear, but in the end it will be best because you've gotten that "feeling" off your chest. Nobody wants to put themselves out there to get let down... But you never know - it could work out in your favor :)
I'm with @allischaaff on this one....i do it based on the situation and based on when I know it's make or break time--time to really see if what I think is reciprocated is actually!!!
I don't know, though!! I feel like sometimes I feel worse after I'm open with someone about liking them, particularly when it's not reciprocated and I thought it was. I think if you don't want to act on it, why expose yourself like that? You should only tell someone you like them if you feel like you need to. It's not something you should do all the time. But that's just my opinion haha I don't mean to disagree with anyone who's commented, you guys are all making great points!! :D
I say it depends on you and the person you have feelings for. I believe on getting things of my chest and seeing what happens, it relieves me. But I wouldn't do it if I'm getting cold shoulder
Always!!! Holding that kind of information inside will only make you want to tell them even more. You never know what great thing can come out of speaking on how you feel. Never hold it in! Even if the outcome isn't what you were hoping for. You will feel better once you've expressed yourself.
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