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kpop history tag

i was tagged by @SHINee808. 1.My first song was Big Bang's love song. 2.My sister showed me, since her friends introduced it to her when she was in middle school. 3.First Female Bias has to be Hyorin from Sistar, her voice is so heavenly~ 4.My first male bias was TOP. he's just so tall and has such a deep voice and is so quirky. 5.it was big bang, and i still love big bang. 6.i only learned bits and pieces, but it would have to be apink's no no no.(im a really bad dancer) 7. BANGTAN BOYS. soo perfect. 8.Bts rookie king. 9.shinee and 2pm. 10. winner's album or my bts jersey. 11. my life used to mush more quiet peaceful and less obessive crazy feels. 12. my life is so much better now,kpop makes me happier and im more outgoing and i made sooooo many friends through kpop. i tag: @Maaari @ilovebtsjl @KpopKrazed @lamrotamrot @kpopandkimchi @VickiBae @ephneyt @JennyRodriguez @momo14e @poojas
Yaassss TOP's deep voice is so perfect and his personality too. And I agree with life being quieter before but Kpop has also made me more outgoing:) I already did this challenge, so I will tag you on the card ^_^
Thanks for the tag!! Kpop has helped me through a lot so thanks
Thanks for the tag <3 and Yass Kpop made me less quiet too lol
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