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This is the BTS edition. Obvious, if yalls seen my posts before it's mostly J-hope lol it's cause Hopie IS my bias.
But knowing all of them it was so hard to choose one at first. J-hope killed my bias list tho because of his smiley face. He was happy no matter where he went and who he was with. But I really fell for him when I saw him crying. At first I was like, "Omg, J-hope is crying. No J-hope. Don't cry, you're gonna make me cry. " In the end I did cry. Also when he dances. He's a totally different person when dancing. You can see the passion burning in his eyes. And I fell in love even more when all the trends on Twitter happened. Hopie is perfect the way he is. He is important to Bangtan Boys, he is their HOPE, and their main dancer and one of their lead rappers. But he stayed strong through those tweets and I love him and BTS more now than ever before. J-hope is MY hope.
But we obviously can't leave the other members out (even if Hopie is my bias lol)! I mean, there is the Suga swag himself. He's all over the place! He himself is my bias wrecker. I just love his cool self. He's not afraid to show his true self on or off screen. I mean, he almost killed Hopie like a million times already lol.
And the Golden Maknae ofc. He himself almost killed me. When BTS first debuted, I was like, "Jungkook is gonna be my bias. Look, he can sing, dance, and rap." But found out he was younger than me and so that went down the drain lol I didn't wanna be a pedo-noona (if you get what I meant ;)) But he always has a special place in my heart because of some stupid ARMYS. Jungkook is also special. He's the BTS maknae. If he was in Bangtan Boys, BTS would be so different. Kookie you are special and very much needed! ♡
And then there's the baby face chocolate abs Jimin! Gosh, I miss his debut chubby baby face! lol Even tho he was never really ontop of my bias list he is Hopie's side lover and bestfriend. I can't ask for more (except to love Hopie more lol) But when fans were happy that Jimin "finally got his abs back" I was like, "Bish what?! He looked happy even without his chiseled chocolate abs. He looks healthy." But oh well, if Jimin's hally than that's enough for me.
Eomma Jin!!! Pretty Pink Princess. Gosh! He's so freaken adorable. I mean, he can come off as a total sweetheart and then change 360 to nagging eomma. Pink Princess loves cooking too. For me, I can't cook to save me life, I would love to marry him lol. He'll be my Pink Knight XD
Leader Namjoon. Through thick and thin he's been there for us and the members. That's why we love him. He show us real hip hop/rap is like. But Rap Monster was targeted too after people and sites translated his words wrongly. Fans started threatening his life through Twitter and other social media.... Just because he said he couldn't see the members because they were too dark (black) to see. But there will be no other Namjoon leader. Never.
Best for last...... V!!!!!! Man, we can't forget out 4D alien now! I mean, just look at him! lol how anyone resist him! (ofx they can't lol) But 4D alien or not Taehyung is still Taehyung. My love for him grew after netizens and some VIPs (SOME) bashed him for making fun of BB after lip syncing BB's Bang Bang Bang. He was so sad that he cried! He was also not himself for like 3 weeks. Ugh, my heart went out to him. But anyways!!! Who's your bias in BTS (Bangtan Boys)
My bias is J-hope because he's just so cute and sexy and a dork lol he's my ideal type 😌
Jimin/Rap Monster I don't think I can choose. lol Do I have to?
Jin all the way :)
j hope 😄 he funny and always smiling
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