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Thank you, @zellie15 for the tag~ When I saw this I thought it a cute game. :P 1. My first Kpop song... I think it was Wrong Number or Mirotic, I cant remember which one I heard first, but I liked Wrong Number better. 2. In middle school, I had been depressed and tried to kill myself. So my friends always had someone with me and one friend always played TVXQ songs while we walked home. I hated it so much, I thought KPop was the worst thing ever and said a lot of negative stuff about it. But it grew on me and 7 years later, KPop is life. 3. My first female bias was Jessica. I liked her because she was from SF (Bae Area) and I am too, but then I found out we are really alike when it comes to mannerisms and attitudes about things (I dont like . 4. My first male bias was Yunho/U-Know of TVXQ. Wrong Number Bathtub scene. thats all it took. 5. My first favorite Male Group was TVXQ and my first Female Group was SNSD. 6. First choreography was Wrong Number by TVXQ. 7. My favorite group right now is Sistar. It was SNSD. I wanted it to stay that way, but when the Jessica included version of Catch Me Of You Can and Party came out, I still loved SNSD but not the same. 8. First KPop reality show was Girls Generation's Hello Baby. 9. Besides Sistar or SNSD, TVXQ will always have a special place in my heart. I mean, they're the group that helped save me. 10. Besides Kpop songs on iTunes/Amazon, my first buy actually happened years later. It was an EXO Growl poster from a friend. :) 11. Before Kpop, life was seriously the darkest place. I am sk glad to have had it come into my life when it did. 12. KPop has opened friendships and opportunities to me. I have gone to LA for audtions, concerts, talked to people (such as all the awesome people on vingle) I may not have otherwise talked to, and helped me come out of my shell. I have to tag 10 People, but I honestly dont remember usernames well. The first two names that come to mind are @danidee and @kpopandkimchi ~~~
@zellie15 KPOP has so much more power than people think it does. music has so much power. I hope you're doing much better! If things ever seem to get slippery, we always have KPOP and others in the community to lean on~ c:
I totally get you, I was also super depressed in middle school but it wasn't until high when I started getting suicidal. Kpop is literally Life for me, without it I honestly don't think I'd not be here :') I love the kpop community, so many people have amazing stories! I'm glad your doing great ^_^