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Tagged by @ellenzhap2000 1. My first Kpop song was "because I'm stupid "by ss501 (bof sound track XD) 2.My friend told me to watch boys over flowers and even though it took me a while to watch it I did and I fell in love with the soundtrack ,but I got more into after learning about cnblue from we got married 3. I think it was taeyeon 4. Yonghwa 3 he use to be my ultimate bias too 5.cnblue !!!! (I'm waiting for their comeback ) 6.will I didn't learn all of it but I learn some steps of infinites man in love choreography. 7. Infinite 3 8.yass infinites ranking King :D 9.cnblue of course since they where my first love in Kpop and because till this day I still admire them 3 10. It was a gift for my friend , infinite album XD but for me it was cnblue album 11. I was a normal girl who never paid attention to Asians lol 12. Ahhhh it's become a great part of my life and it's brought me a lot of strength ,listening to cnblue ,infinite ,bts ,bigbang,ft island lol I could go on but it also made me more open minded,I'm happy to have Kpop in my life Umm if you guys want to do it ,go ahead :D I would like to know your Kpop history too !
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