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America vs. Korea?
So, today at work I was watching bts, and a coworker came and started watching it with me. My coworker started asking me why I liked watching Korean things, and I said because it different from American things. And of course he asked me to explain, but I had no response! I know they're different besides the languages, but I had no idea how to explain how to him, and he told me to just tell him when I knew how to explain it xD Could you help me explain it? What would you respond?
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I think I would explain as trying out new music a cause Americas music just not that good no more and kpop is more interesting
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Its different because you get to interact and relate with the idols... specially when they are in shows, because TV programs are also different and they show you how they truly are, and work together or how the group functions... you get to know them more and their secret or hidden talents, you get to see their wacky sides, you get to see the real them...(get to know them in a personal level, which not many American artist don't like to show sometimes because then they feel like those are their weakness). You get to see them grow along with you, and get to see what they struggled to get where they are... and like @JennyRodriguez there is a culture difference.
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Ok... So this is simple... Tell him... Although american pop music is awesome and wonderful in its own right... Sometimes more often than not... But sometimes its nice to listen to music that doesnt have an "Ulterior Motive" behind it... And not only that... Its nice to listen to a Genre of music that although has its moments in scandal... But the respect of the "Fan. 'ie- You" is valued on an honorable level. And the The Artist Values his Honor... And frowns upon scandals. Rather than to contribute to it... "To an entertainer there is privilege and with Said Privilege comes a responsibility that all American Pop Artists seem to lack" Tell him, its good, its clean, and although on the other side of the world... Its a way if Life... That even You yourself are Privileged to be a part of. And that deserves Respect on a STELLAR level... Hope that helps...
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I would say the music speaks to me in a different way the American pop. Kpop is it's own generation I feel like it was made just first me. the k-stars are AMAZING in every way the things they do opens up a new window of life saying it's OK to be different! it's OK to like different! it's OK to be ME!! that's why I watch, listen, dance to, learn, and love Korean shows, music people and so much more 馃槏馃槏馃槝馃槝馃挒馃拫
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Thanks for all your awesome responses everyone! He read them all, and was very open-minded about the idea :) I really appreciate it!
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