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Doing it 😁 tagged by @ellenzhao2000 1. Boy in Luv BTS 2. My friend was talking about it but had no clue! Found it randomly and can't get enough of it!! 3. CL from 2NE1 4. Rap Monster from BTS 5. BTS/2NE1 6. I am the best #2NE1 7. Hard!! Between BTS/Big Bang/2NE1/Miss A Sorry T-T love them all! Getting in to Got7 and Super Junior too 8.2NE1/Miss A 9. Wonder Girls, FX, Winner, Kara 10.BTS poster, Stickers, and Buttons 11. Tbh don't even remember :p Mostly boring and closed off!! #Nofun 12. A lot!! Made me more outgoing and open to new things! I feel so alive!! Made new friends and fan girl a lot!! KPOP is life!! Don't remember how I use to live with out it!! Also made me to a very passionate person!! Mostly to defend Kpop and all my bias/groups!!
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