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We all know that love makes us all a poet. This is supposed to be my take on it. Just wanted to share it here. :) You're wonderfully weird I'm awkwardly so You're a perfect ten And I'm an awful four You're the cool summer breeze To the scorching heat of my heart You're the sweet irony of life To my bittersweet break aparts You're the lovely sunrise To my brink of dawn You're the saviour of my soul To whom I always look upon With you, words like 'forever' 'Eternal', 'apart', and 'never' Start making more sense Much more than false pretense You're the wave of change To my seashore of hope You're the Vatican City To my honorable pope When I look into your eyes All I see is love and fear For the things that keep us apart Keeps you alive And the things that keep you alive Keep us alone I don't know if you'll notice Anything missing at all Coz I'll be real quiet closing The door, missing your call Someday, when I'm long gone You'll overturn the pages Of your sweet sweet memories Maybe then you will realize You were the only one Who kept me alive Who made me strive To keep us together
Thanks a lot @allischaaff I'm glad you liked it. For me, it's just an outlet for emotions bound inside. I keep writing now and then, so do let me know if you guys would like to hear more. :) Thank you for your kind words again, and have a great day!
Beautiful, @AkshatLal!! I really like this. I think it does a great job of describing this relationship, and your hope and love and loss, all at the same time... Thank you for sharing it with us :)
I LOVE THIS ONE! normally I'm not a fan of rhyming but this has such a nice tempo to the verses !
I would absolutely like to hear more! :D Keep 'em coming, @AkshatLal :) I hope you have a lovely day too!