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those who know me know that i absolutely love art - be it music or visual arts ..i love taking photos and drawing and painting and this time i decided to again train my skills bydrawing person and because i want to be able to draw anyone without much troubles be it europeam asian or wjatever i looked and searched and found a photo that picked my interest amd it was BTS RapMonster ...but im very critical and thr more i look at it the less it looks like him.. so i decided to ask you guys here ... does it look anything like him ? even if its just tiny bit .... like or comment bellow :) anything is fine :) #BTS #RapMon #RapMonster
@Iamrotamrot ahh just regular set of 12 pencils nothing special :) i dont know if u know the brand but i use koh-i-noor ...... i tend to start with 2B and then work with other soft pencils :) and to make the sharing look a bit better i use blending stump :)
thanks guys @SashaLove @Iamrotamrot @shjej5835 @KpopKrazed :D really im starting to feel like it really looks like him :)
@SashaLove same here. As someone who aspires to be able to draw that good, this is awesome @CathC
ummm this looks almost exactly like him. I could tell by first glance witjouy reading your card that it was him. Good job!!
@Iamrotamrot no need to thank me :) i am happy u liked the pic :)
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