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I think I figured out why TOP doesn't show skin... I really think it may be in protest about how he had to lose weight so fast and fit a body he fits it but is like...screw the industry...they dont get to see... or maybe because of the rapid loss there is scars and stretch marks...idk...just an idea...everyone else seems obsessed about it...thought I would weigh in too...ㅋㅋㅋ
He could be self cautious about his body, he was chunky when he was younger, and being told to lose weight cause he's too big most likely hurt his pride. Everyone who has been told something mean about their body will be less likely to show it off. Plus it could just be something as he has too much self respect to be going around shirtless, I mean, he is the hyung of Bigbang.. Nonetheless, He is a great example that you don't need to show skin to be sexy.
Eh, if you watched happy together he says how he doesn't like his skin being able to touch things. He also mentions how he thinks he has a mental illness. I think that would be his actuall reasoning, because he also doesn't like taking off his socks, so I don't really think it's about him having to lose weight.
He actually showed off his chest in Tazza 2 this year. I must say that I was slightly disappointed. I kind of liked the modest/mysterious trait that he had. But it doesn't look like he'll become a Taeyang anytime soon haha
all great opinions... any and all could be correct... either way... I respect the guy
He did in his movie Tazza 2
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