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V.I.P's! Share your bias and why?~ Or what do you love about Big Bang? (≧∇≦)
Top because hes so funny and talented. I love his voice and his style. Also he is beautiful! I love how he doesn't expose himself even though we know he has s great body. All of Big Bang is so talented!
no such thing as a bias when it comes to bigbang haha. I love them because they are human (if you guys know what I mean) and their music is awesome.
GD, he was my bias since the very beginning. even tho bigbang was already famous when I know them, but I was new to kpop, so I didn't really know bigbang or gd is famous. GD has amazing rapping skill, top as well, it's just the sound is so unique that it catches my attention first. Now I know him more, he is one of the most talented person I know. He is a born to be singer, rapper, producer and ect(the other stuff he does). He is so perfect for what he is doing rn, it's too perfect for words to describe. The other members each have their own uniqueness, which is why I don't really have a "list". They are equally talented and important. Bigbang is not bb with even one less member. Bb has to be all five members together. I love them all equally, but gd just a little bit more. :D
@SashaLove lol I agree they are the one group where you cant just pick one they are all amazing
I like the pic
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