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V.I.P's! Share your bias and why?~ Or what do you love about Big Bang? (≧∇≦)
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I like the pic
2 years ago·Reply
no such thing as a bias when it comes to bigbang haha. I love them because they are human (if you guys know what I mean) and their music is awesome.
2 years ago·Reply
Top because hes so funny and talented. I love his voice and his style. Also he is beautiful! I love how he doesn't expose himself even though we know he has s great body. All of Big Bang is so talented!
2 years ago·Reply
My bias is TOP oppa but I love BigBang because they are Just their existence as a group is perfect for me the fact that they make awesome music and cool hot derpy guys is an awesome bonus!!!!!
2 years ago·Reply
@SashaLove lol I agree they are the one group where you cant just pick one they are all amazing
2 years ago·Reply