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After waking up and making my bed, Totoro always calls me back for another nap. Its hard to say no to his soft fleece tummy. Neighbors are supposed to help each other out, not make you late every morning. I guess I shouldn't complain, I do sleep good every night. Thank you TOTORO, I love you! Anyone else love our friendly neighbor Totoro?
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Oh, there's also Totoro and Studio Ghibli communities. You should publish this card there as well :)
@poojas oh really I didn't even known or would have published it there the 1st time around. Thank you for the tip, your awesome!
@k8wnba20 No problemo, we need more Totoros (I mean people XD) over at the Ghibli communities! ^^
@poojas I'm totally a green Totoro! what color are you?
@k8wnba20 I am the classic grey Totoro (lame, I know!) I NEED to collect more Totoros! There's never enough Totoros! XD