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대성이 오빠~we want to follow you on IG too ㅠㅠ He has a lot of fans who would love to follow him on social media!. .. *cough ME cough*
@WiviDemol because of his accident a lot of fans said some really nasty things on social media. Watch the healing camp episode with GD and him.
Omg I didn't know that! :(
@AmandaHume yeah it was a long time ago. Everything is good now but some people think that he covered his face for this album because he is still struggling with it. He was really depressed 😞
@AmandaHume he had a car accident after filming on his way home and a man died. He hit a taxi that was parked on the side of the road but there a man outside of the taxi and he ran him over when he hit the taxi. He didn't see the man because it was pitch black. It was all really a terrible accident but they were calling him Monster and Murderer
@AmandaHume yeah they were calling him a murderer
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