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Following six new character posters, 20th Century Fox has released the brand new trailer for the upcoming sequel Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
This is the trailer
@Syihabahmed I think the second book is going to be really difficult to adapt. There are a lot of details that I think might be hard to translate to film. But I think the casting choices are great (I forget that guy's name from Game of Thrones but he is PERFECT) so there's no reason I can think of why it wouldn't work. I will say I didn't think the second book was as strong as the first. It wasn't bad at all- it's just a difficult premise to carry through with.
@shannonl5 do you think the second one will be as good as the novel?
@shannonI5 I haven't read the book. just watched the first movie. i think it's great
@Syihabahmed the first movie was really good, and pretty loyal to the book. I won't spoil anything for you then ^_^
This look like it's gonna be so cool! Did you read the books?