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Fell in love with BtoB 😍
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So recently I watch "Who Are You" which featured Sungjae. I loved his acting, so when I found out he was in a boy group I spazzing out. This was the first video I saw which made me love the group. However now I have like all their songs, know all the group members, and ect. Gotta say Sungjae is awesome, no doubt my bias. So what did you guys think of the video? Whose your bias (if you have one)?
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I love btob I only found out about them after seeing the cube Christmas special video (because I follow beast od) and then I listened to their songs and i was like wow there were such good singers right next to beast and i didn't know I really love them too and i hope they gain more fans. it's alright always makes me cry with their sincere vocals telling me it'll all be alright