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This kinds of things, colors, small touches that we put in our apartment is what makes a room alive. Be sure to use a lot of different colors and shapes accessories, because it really does have an impact on the way you feel. With the color blue, you bring a no-nonsense attitude to most endeavors and your strong belief in the things you undertake is often the key to their success. Light green: Celadon indicates that you are a good listener, have genuine compassion and allow others to express their hopes and fears. If you are drawn to bright pink, you are maybe a bit tempestuous, someone who seeks out new experiences and surroundings. If you love rich browns in your decor, you take your obligations seriously, are industrious and value the respect of those close to you. Dare to go with dramatic black? You are elegant, comfortable with formality, complex, a bit mysterious. Precise in your thinking you quickly understand concepts, connect ideas and envision ways to make things happen. Electric blue reveals you as a dynamic personality. By the color expert Kate Smith.
thanks. Tho this is not my room. My room is dark brown and light yellow, with old record player, some vinyls, kind of old school. But if you have more than one room, use evey one difderently (decorwise) :)
Your decor style is awesome. Once I have my own place to decorate as I please, there are two things I want to focus on 1) sunlight 2) color !