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OMG and i thought it cant get any more funnier :D
GD cuts it saying it was good then Kwanghee says "I am kind of good atSeungri's part" GD bursts out laughing Kwanghee "I am like Seungri" GD "But Seungri sings well" Kwanghee "Hey!" GD "Seungri is good at singing too" "Kwamghee is good,too,but OUR Seungri is good as well" then Kwanghee sings and asks "Dont I sound like him?" GD " Our Seungri is good" :D :D :D and this is just one moment from it all :D seriously :D my tummy hurst from all the laughing :D
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I love it haha~~
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Standing up for his squad x-p
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