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I "hate" him
His voice is too sexy and he's just too handsome and I hate it. I hate him...how much I love him that is. Plus the fact that he collaborated with Zion T AND Iron is just too much for me too handle. So much sexiness should not be allowed on stage.
Ughhhhh. I honestly don't know who I watched this video for: Jonghyun or Iron. I just love them both too much. These are two of my favorite existing kpop collaborations. What are yours or who would you like to collaborate in the future? Personally I'm still waiting for Taeyang and Ailee to collaborate. I can't really ship them anymore but at least I can look forward and hope for a collab...
Jonghyun is a fallen angel, I swear.
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Right! !!!!! ughhh his beauty is just ughhh
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His voice. <3
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