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Seungri Saved Daesung and Tabi Yesterday πŸ’–πŸ’žπŸ’–
Love how they care for each other πŸ’• I'm glad that Tabi and Dae are fine && thankful that Seungri didn't hurt himself in the process πŸ’
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he's amazing plus since he had that one accident when the Pyrotechnic erupted in front of his face he probably makes sure he knows where they are.
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Seungri is soooo UH-MAZING^^ His personality and kind heart makes him so loveableβ™‘β™‘β™‘
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Wow! That was awesome of him! O.O
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HOLY S***!! That could've been real bad! Good on you Seungri!
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Oh wow. He actually did.
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