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i was reading an article and found this young woman who was diagnosed with retinoblastoma, a rare tumor that affects the retina of the eye. she had to go through chemotherapy at a young age which affected the growth of her skin on half of her face that received the therapy.
it said she was bullied through school and would constantly hide her face so no one could see it. at the same time her mother was suffering from breast cancer for like six years, which ultimately made her give up on her dream on going to art school in order to pay for her mothers treatment.
she was brought onto Korean TV show, Let Me In, and she was able to receive the necessary treatment she needed to reconstruct her face.After the show she came out with a whole new self assurance and confidence, along with her amazingly reconstructed face.
all i have to say is she is so beautiful, and everyone deserves happiness, i am so happy that she found happiness in her life..i hope that her as well as her mother stays strong
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