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August 1st: GOT7, Monsta X, Roy Kim, Sistar, and Supe Junior
August 2nd: AOA, Block B, Red Velvet, Shinwa, Zion T & Crush
that's awesome !!! @BlockBVillains / I'm only going for day 1.. can't afford that much && I've been a fan of SUJU for so long, yet this will be my first time meeting/watching them (live).. lol 馃挒馃挒 #excited
@BlockBVillains good luck with that!! I'm trying to get some SUJU&GOT7 merch.. haha // probably would get some Block B merch if I were going to Day 2
@BlockBVillains haha!! it totally does!! I'm keeping an eye on the countdown too! I'm assuming you're attending the convention too?
@zaria36915 I've been such a big fan of Block B so it's the same here! It's going to be my first time meeting (hopefully) and watching them live <3 ahhhh the excitement as each day we get closer to kcon gets more intense xD
are you going to both days?
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