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I know, it's not even green, how lame. I've been trying out some new cocktail recipes for the past few days, and most of them are truely amazing, but I did not have such a luck with this Green Star. It's a mixture of light rum, midori (melon), orange juice and 7up. It is really not good. I did finished it tho, but I was really happy, when I was done. The 7up really destroys the drink, maybe without it, it would taste better. Otherwise it is a really, and I mean REALLY sweet drink. Midori is like just sugar, oj is sugar, 7up pure sugar, so sugar-overdose all the way. So for me, a diabetic, this was literally too much.
Being the boozy professional that I am, I was shocked to discover that my name was mentioned 3x (in a row) in one card. If the bloody mary wasn't going to wake me up--VINGLE sure did! Here's the thing about flavored vodka--i have no problem with them. But, you can't have a screwdriver with vodka and orange flavored vodka. You're still missing the OJ, which is essential. My fit with OJ is that it doesn't exist clear. I want my authentic OJ and Vodka--just absolutely completely clear. I have said this to my guy at the Loews hotel here and he has no idea--and he's the best! Winston doesn't say a word. He doesn't even roll his eyes. Why is he so unattainable?! And why do I love him and hate him all at once?! Okay darlings...let's have a great day. 30 minutes till lunch time. What's everyone going to imbibe on for lunch? I'm having a gibson. 2 mostly. @rodiziketan @shannon15 @alywoah
Darling you didn't attack me. If only Winston did though. He buys me rubies since we're both collectors. But I want more. No darling, @Alywoah you didn't attack. I don't know where you are, but Miami is really stifling in a sweaty way. Though, it beats the heat of the Emirates.
Sorry, @NixonWoman! Definitely wasn't meant to be an attack. I just stalk @rodiziketan cards lol. You're right, orange juice doesn't come clear. It would be cool if it did, though. I wonder if the alcohol scientist of the world can somehow make OJ clear...because I am a big believer that anything is possible (at least with food & drinks haha)! And btw....I'm jealous. I need a gibson. Badly.
@NixonWoman how should it look like? If you envision a really cool orange drink, how would that look like? ANNNNNDD I second @shannonl5...there's definitely orange flavored vodka. And there' coloring???? ;)
I don't mean to sound like a B!tch, but I wish there was a way to have orange juice cocktails without them all looking the same: like a glass of OJ. I want more pizazz. Someone needs to create clear OJ.
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