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I know, it's not even green, how lame. I've been trying out some new cocktail recipes for the past few days, and most of them are truely amazing, but I did not have such a luck with this Green Star. It's a mixture of light rum, midori (melon), orange juice and 7up. It is really not good. I did finished it tho, but I was really happy, when I was done. The 7up really destroys the drink, maybe without it, it would taste better. Otherwise it is a really, and I mean REALLY sweet drink. Midori is like just sugar, oj is sugar, 7up pure sugar, so sugar-overdose all the way. So for me, a diabetic, this was literally too much.
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@NixonWoman sorry, same here! I love the cards @rodiziketan writes. I could def use a Moscow Mule (my grandma drank them and gave me a taste for them) haha. I don't have the right mug though. It's just not the same without it. I've had kind of hit or miss experiences with flavored vodka, some of them are WAY too sweet. I like the Absolut Wild Tea... but that's not what we're going for here! Orange extract probably wouldn't do it for us either... though that might be closer?
Darling you didn't attack me. If only Winston did though. He buys me rubies since we're both collectors. But I want more. No darling, @Alywoah you didn't attack. I don't know where you are, but Miami is really stifling in a sweaty way. Though, it beats the heat of the Emirates.
You're in Miami! That's my home!!!!!!!! @NixonWoman
We're probably neighbors and didn't even know it. I've got a meeting at Vizcaya all afternoon. otherwise happy hour sounds good. I can introduce you to my bartender, he's such a doll. @alywoah
Vizcaya is definitely a beautiful place -- and to have your meetings there? Very nice! Thank you, @NixonWoman. :)