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I must celebrate since after almost 3 years, I finally have a bias for BTS. Hopefully it lasts more than a month this time.
When did you take all these sexy pictures, like wae? Look at this-how did I just discover some of these pics? Seriously you should be modeling more often!!^ And then we have the beauty of J-Hopes aegyo...except the last one was both sexy and cute at once.
And the rest because I shouldn't even be categorizing him...
This is why J-Hope is officially (still hoping) my bias for BTS. Yay!!
And then the rest was just mind blowing. Lol
This last pic was crazy. I almost freaked out. Never saw the resemblance before v
So yeah. Hobie congratulations, I'm actually congratulatin myself for finally accomplishing something important in life. Lol. Have fun with the rest of BTS at TRBinLA tonight. Yay!!
YAY another person with J-hope as their bias
Lmfao that photo with them in a bed, so freaking cute!