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I got one more to go!!! E cant come fast enough!!!
Yea I am too I just got payed and spent the "spendable" money on the 3 albums from Koreans ebay site. and luckily got the last "A" album they had lol. now I jus need "E" which will feature GD & TOP then "MADE" itself lol @ErinGregory
@LaurenAntoine, aahhhhh okay, now it makes more sense!! I couldn't figure out why people would buy multiple copies, like with that new EXO CD, there were what, 12 copies of the same CD? And people bought all of them lol I'm too poor for that.
well the thing is not only is it different songs on different CDS it also comes with a special ticket. if you collect them all you get a special gift!! that's the true goal right now! @ErinGregory
I never understood the whole multiple albums of one album thing. The content is the same 😞 (says the person who owns 5 different copies of every LOTR book..)