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I'm here to propose something for y'all. Kind of like a story-time thing, Anyway. I want to get everyone's opinion on what they would do if they were a trainee under some sort of entertainment label, etc. So let's get started!
First, what label would you want yourself to be under? We all know that this is one of the most critical things to consider when becoming a trainee.
Next, what would you want to do? Would you want to be more of a strong vocalist like Chen, a rapper like Namjoon, or somewhere in between like Yongbae?
What type of personality would you have? Would you be the calm and collected one, the prankster, the one with the best aegyo, or the funny and wild one? There's always more, so go ahead and make up your own.
What position would you have? Would you prefer to be the leader, the oldest, or the maknae? Or just somewhere aged in the middle of all that?
What would your stage name be? You could either just make up something catchy that goes with your personality, or you can actually use your Korean name.
Would you want to be known by anything other than your skills and talent? For example, we all know TOP doesn't like showing skin, and has a love for furniture. Or how Dara has had some pretty over the top hairstyles.
Where would you want your biggest fan base to be? Like how most groups are big in the U.S. and how Seungri has some prominent standing in Japan.
How big would you be on fan service? Would you prefer to be the one who makes the fangirls and fanguys melt, or would you play it off subtly and make them melt slowly?
I think with these questions, it is a good start to making you the perfect trainee you can be! I want to know what everyone would be like! You can either make a new post and tag me or just comment! Have fun thinking about all this!! 😁✌️
I would love to be under SM or WM entertainment! I would want to be somewhere in between like Jungkook! I would to be the funny, awkward, tall one with soooome aegyo in the group haha (bc I'm 6'0 and I'm a girl). I would want to be either the maknae or one of the youngest. My name would be 이베키 (Lee Baeki) bc that is my real Korean name my mom gave me! I would be known for the being the tall half Korean one!! My biggest fan base would be Korea!! For the fan service I would be subtle lolol. Thanks for posting this!! It was a lot of fun thinking about haha 💕💕
1. I would love to be under YG or JYP♡ I see them treat their stars more like family/friends it's quite admirable^^ 2. I would love to be a triple threat kind of like EXO's Kyungsoo... a killer vocalist, decent dancer, and rising actor♡ 3. I would be more of the 4D member. The mood setter of our group. Plus the motherly figure because I have one of the biggest hearts anyone could find. 4. oldest but not the leader.... kind of like xiumin;) 5. I always thought about using my nickname MandaZ but I guess it would be easier to use my real name 아만다^^ 6. I would really like to be on Hello Baby^^ because I love children... kind of like Leo of VIXX, total CUTIE♡♡♡ 7. It would mean the world to me to get a bigger fan base from many areas that don't know much about kpop like Tennessee... there are not many of us here:'( 8. I would be huge on fanservice.... because I know it's because of the fans I would be where I am^^ Plus I am one that is thankful for even the smallest gestures shown towards me^^
I think I'd like to go under JYP entertainment. I think I'd like to be both, vocalist, and Rapper. I think I'd be in between with the best aegyo (people tell me I do the cutest faces unconsciously) and the prankster. I think I'd prefer to be the maknae. I'd go by the stage name 신미린 (Shin Mi Rin) I'd also like to be an actor. I think I'd want my biggest fan base in the U.S. I'd make my fans melt slowly, to enjoy the moment hehe.
I would be under JYP, hopefully the third or fourth youngest, love to slowly melt people (lol) and id love to be known for dancing and comedy. Id love to be able to rap or sing in low tones (ima girl). My name would be A.N.G (since my nicknames angi) and id looooove to folllow got7 and 2pm around. Hopefully id be able to collab with some of the members and be the member that appears on alot of variety shows. Id like to look strong, never fragile, but cute enough to get the oppas of jyp to wanna "take care of me" and take me out. Lol
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