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When someone asks me to play Kpop
Well I would want to give them a fair warning before I ruin their life XD ~credit to original owner~
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Lol! I don't even give people an option if we're in the car. I'm like Dean Winchester when I'm driving: driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake hole. xD
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This is legit me 100% except i also explain the lyrics and who is singing and their personal info. Lol
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I'm exactly like this because I know that the minute I play one kpop song I won't be able to stop for another hour or so. Then I'll look up interview clips of the groups they are listening to and the fan cams from their concerts, and the dramas and movies each member has been in, and thats why my friends don't ask me anymore xD
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@najalong1998 I'm exactly the same lol
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THIS IS SO TRUE! I'm so used to playing it without a care if people over hear but AS SOON as someone ask I go blank!
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