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BIG BANG TO UNVEIL ‘DOPE’ WITH FANS THROUGH LIVE BROADCASTING APP Big Bang will meet with their fans through Naver’s real-time broadcasting app, V app. Fans will be able to meet with top K-pop artists through the app, and Big Bang will make an appearance on August 4. Big Bang’s ‘MADE’ series singles have been shaking the music world since May. The group has been releasing a new single on the first of each month. However, Big Bang revealed their plan to release their last single “E” on August 5 and the news stirred curiosity among fans who have been waiting for the release of “E” for a long time. “Big Bang will return to Korea early August from their world tour, and the members expressed their desire to meet with their fans on August 4 before releasing the new single,” explained YG Entertainment. YG Entertainment also released a teaser image of “E” on July 24 and received hot responses. The image shows Big Bang’s subunit GD & T.O.P along with the phrase “Dope/It’s Awesome.” As it has been 5 long years since the subunit released their last track “High High,” anticipation is rising for the release of “Dope/It’s Awesome.” Big Bang is currently on world tour and will meet with their fans in Malaysia on July 25. Source: KPopStarz So if you didnt know now you do!
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Dope like BTS