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I THINK I found my Big Bang bias, and it's Seungri. It's something about him I can't explain, first he's really handsome and very loving. Now don't get me wrong I love all the Big Bang members, they're seriously crazy (in a good way) but I think Seungri have a special spot in my heart <3
Who's your Big Bang Bias?
Saranghae oppa~
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I know how you feel. Although Seungri isn't my favorite I have the sane feelings as you. Even once when I was terribly sad I just had the thought of Seungri and I smiled as I then decided to draw a panda. By the time I finished I was better and happy thinking of my bias, TOP. But I have these random cute moments of the others like Daesung as well. I love their voices and just who they are themselves is so wonderful.
I can't seem to choose. I like them all. 😌
It's GD for me! I am glad you found your bias! It's always a challenge when all the members are so perfect! Ha ha ha You should watch Happy Together with Big Bang. Every time Seungri said something it had my in tears!
Seungri oppa!!!! and GD oppa cause of #Nyongtori xD