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BTS ARMY is officially going up against 2pm Hottest on Billboard. Vote for our boys!!! While they perform and do their best in about 15min...or already depending on when you see this...lets vote for them since some of us can't be in LA now. Lol
Here is the link: http://www.billboard.com/fan-army-bracket I am not sure if tou HAVE to vote for each pick (theres 8 in total) but it only thanks you for your vote if you do...and its safest. Besides, i'm sure some of us have other interests aside from BTS we'd like to vote for.
The marchup keeps changing from Bts being ahead, to 2pm to BTS again. Round ends in 2 days. Lets vote for our boys, or both if you choose to refresh (neutral people, Lol). Anyway, below are all the original kpop groups that were going head to head for your interest. Have fun at TRBinLA if you're going!! If not, vote!! Yay!
Also, for whoever made my BTS cover group picture (princess ARMY), props!!
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Suga is rocking that dress and hair.