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Summer hair color is often associated with lighter shade like blonde or pastel. It's reasonable to want a light and breezy hair color to beat the summer heat but you can also make a dramatic statement with a darker shade. Whether it be a subtle 'bronde' or grungy black, you'll look gorgeous under the sun. But before you head over to the dark side, consider these things.

1. Consider Your Brows

If you're going from blonde to black, you'll need to dye or shade in your brows to go along with your hair color. It is okay to have dark brows and light hair but light brows with dark hair will look...empty. As a general rule, you’ll always want your brows to be one to two shades lighter than your hair for the most natural look.

2. Consider consulting with a hair color specialist.

Most dark shades are a mixture of different shades to address hair concern (such as covering grays and fixing brassiness). In addition, dark dyes can cause skin irritation such as itchiness or redness. Full allergic reaction is rare but please make sure you do a patch test before color your whole head with dye.

3. Consider the effort you'll need to maintain the color.

For those with naturally dark shade you can disregard this. For those with lighter shade like blonde you need to recolor your roots as they grow out. Instead of coloring the full hair dark, you might want to highlight streaks to keep it low maintenance.

4. Consider changing your makeup.

What looks good with your lighter hair might not look the same with dark hair. For instance, if you have pale skin, a peach color blush or bronzer are better options than rosy pink. Experiment and see what works for you. If in doubt, a black eyeliner or cat-eye will never fails.

5. Consider this is as the best thing you'll ever do.

Dark hair is seriously gorgeous. It makes your eyes pop, skin look more luminous and creates a beautiful frame for your face. Plus, you'll have an excuse to shop for hair accessories for your new shade. Warning: Once you come to the dark side, you'll never want to go back.
I used to alternate colors, a blonde for spring and summer and a brunette for fall and winter. About 10 years ago I figured out that my brunette made my skin glow better in the summer and have remained dark ever since. I love my dark hair and sometimes consider going blonde then remember how washed out it makes me.
and then theres me who wants to dye my black hair blond
@KishaCarver True. I also get indecisive with my hair color but I always go back to my natural shade.
@shjej5835 Sure! Since you have a warm tone I would suggest honey or caramel blonde. Lighter than that you'll look tan. This hair color would be flattering for you --> And this one --> Also, look up Jennifer Aniston's golden globe caramel blonde hair color.
@HairConfetti can you give me some advices? I have a warm-toned(?) skin. im not pale but im def not tanned. im asian with short brownish black hair.
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