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In most cases it will be more beneficial to use natural ingredients versus something given to you over the counter if you're looking to target a specific health concern. Believe it or not, everyday items you find in a local grocery store can be added to some water, and help cleanse your system. These detox waters will not only quench your thirst, but it will give your body the proper treatment it truly deserves. Take a look below at the option.

Blood Sugar Support & Digestion

Cucumber + Strawberry + Kiwi

Hydration, Digestion & Appetite Control

Cucumber + Lemon + Lime

Fat-burning, Digestion & Headaches

Green Tea + Mint + Lime

Immune Defense, Digestion & Heartburn

Lime + Orange + Lemon

For Best Results:

Combine each ingredient with 12-16 oz. water and drink up!
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Absolutely @VIPforever123! Feel free to mix and match different detox waters if you feel like your body needs it.
ok @skee292 Thank you!!
Gorgeous card!! And so useful. How well do these drinks actually work??
I've noticed them truly kicking in when I'm feeling extra bloated or need a nice pick me up after a long weekend of eating unhealthy/drinking @allischaaff