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My K-Pop History Challenge

(Answers below)
Thanks for tagging me xD
I tried to do mine a bit differently (hence the cards and photos) to make it fun. :-)
1: My first K-Pop song was Mama by Exo 2: I discovered K-Pop through YouTube; I had looked up anime themes then went on to find J-Pop. I was listening to LEAD (a really good J-Pop group) while cooking and YouTube autoplayed Mama after a LEAD song.
3: My first female bias: CL in 2ne1
4. My first male bias: Jaejoong (from TVXQ and JYJ)
5. My first favorite male/female K-Pop group: SHINee and 2ne1
6. I don't know any choreography lol
7. My favorite K-Pop group ATM is BIGBANG.
8. The first K-Pop reality show that I have ever watched was an EXO one.. EXO Showtime.
9. Not counting my bias group, the other groups that will have a special place in my heart are: TVXQ, SHINee, MBLAQ, and 2PM. (I couldn't decide so you get to know all of them, but there are more).
10. The first K-Pop thing I have ever bought was an MBLAQ CD.
11. Life before K-Pop was pretty much the same as it is now, just no K-Pop and no K-Dramas.
12. I wouldn't say K-Pop changed my life other than the fact that I listen to a LOT of Korean music, I now have a thing for Koreans (though I like Asians in general), I'd like to live in Korea for a bit (I've always planned to move to Japan, so that may happen TBH), and I watch a lot of K-Dramas. Okay, I guess it has changed my life a bit. xD
I loved Master's Sun and Faith. I'm gonna watch Fated to Love You next.
It's okay i already did it but thnx for the tag @ErinGregory
@solodaywithB1A4, I wasn't sure if you had done it or not :-)
Lol thanx fo the tag
@lamrotamrot, I haven't finished faith yet tbh, I'm stuck on a feels part lol fated to love you is really really good!! But ohmigosh the feels!!!!! :'(
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