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5 rows back^^ You could not have asked for a better concert! These boys know how to put on a show and the fan service was impeccable♡♡♡♡♡ My niece and her Nakta sign... and my elaborate Xero sign^^ And again guys no matter what seats you get... if you get the opportunity to go to a kpop concert. GOOOO!!! The experience and friends you make along the way are UH-MAZING!!!♡
They openend with "Annie"^^ Fun!!!!
No one can "Say It" better than Topp Dogg!!!^^ Kidoh's Raps are sicker than i don't know how to explain...SMOOTH^^ US Topp Klass represented with Jenissi's rap^^ Fell in love again with Xero's dance break♡♡♡♡♡ And Flying Sangdo....YESSS^^ He still performed on an injured foot!!!! Thank you:)
You couldnt help but "Keep Smiling" at this concert:):):):):)
"I Know" is my guilty pleasure song^^ The vocal line killed it!!!! Also, I am kind of nervous saying this... but it was not til this performance that i started knowing Hojoon♡♡♡♡ That boy!!!!!
"Peekaboo" was definitely the highlight of the night^^!!! And the most hype I have ever seen a crowd.
I always love their covers^^ P-Goon's "Talk Dirty To Me" was perfection^^ A-Tom and WIZARD killed it♡♡♡♡♡ #BJoohairography
Europe you are go8ng to love these boys... They are always full of surprises. Enjoy the concerts♡ #jazzygroup