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"Look at me, son. I'm talking to you."
With all the bad cop news we're usually seeing, I thought I'd share this. This guy is from the St. Landry Crime Stoppers division in Louisiana, which regularly posts clips like this talking about the crime that happened, the result of those crime, and what is going to happen when the person is caught. I think this approach is great.
His voice is an interesting combination of military and rural south...and I want to turn myself in, even though I had nothing to do with this.
This one is one of my favorites because it does a great job of making the robber just look like an idiot ("because everyone knows a lock will just pop right open if you cover it in oil....well that didn't work obviously").
Not saying everything this guy says is PC, but you know what? Sometimes, you just gotta go to town and say everything you want to say.
Last one I'll share; the story of this one is deep. "Imagine a man...." Ha. My imagination went wild.
While I don't think the justice system always works as well as this cop believes that it does, I appreciate that he believes that the justice system should protect and care for those in the system, and that if he had anything to do with it, he would change America's entire justice system for the better.
This guy should run for local office. He seems like he's got some great ideas on conflict resolution lol.
officer Higgins is probably Mayor Higgins
“Because everybody knows a lock will open right up if you just put some oil on it.” hahaha I love watching this guy!
Lmao.. continue on your path to hell.. come to jail and get the help you need!
@MyNoahIsName I kind of hope he is a local official of some sort. He clearly wants to help people