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Does anyone else just dream about Kpop? I mean... It's been happening a lot recently and I wake up hating life because that dream wasn't real -_-'
I'm mad I only had like 1 Kpop dream. One where Suho from EXO was playing the piano looking into my eyes lovingly the whole time then right before we kissed I woke up blushing and upset with my heart pounding.
Literally just last night, I dreamt that Heechul and I were old childhood friends and ended up going to the same university. We ended up having matching apple watches and he kept bugging me for my number so we could share heartbeats.
I had a dream that you could add points by doing kpop related stuff offline lol I think I need a break
Has only happened to me once. I dreamt about Big Bang, but I was kinda sad b/c I can't remember the details :(
I had a dream I was going to collage and TOP and I were dating haha. I've also ha a really really weird dream where everyone but TOP from Big Bang was there. Then I had a different dream where I was dating Seungri
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