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See this fake smile? I wear it for you So you cant see the festering corpse my mind has made me You ask of everything is ok Im my mind part says how can I be when I feel so far away? The other just smiles softly and forgets everything going on and says I am now Instead I just say tell me how much tou love me Dont take it wrong I just need to hear ir Flipping to a picture of you with a genuine smile I feel ok It brought me back to like but i ask myself Look at that smile shes smiling for you and just for you why dont you smile back? Youre just sitting there try to smile back She deserves it youre her world like shes yours All you gotta do is think of your future together Start with a small one and let it grow for her Who cares if your parents are screaming all day and night? So what if no one wants to hire you as what you wanna do? Forget that razor that youre looking at Ignore the dark pit your mind has become She loves you anyway That girl is your cure for life she loves you despite everything Those scars on your arms and legs That diseased mind of yours that eats you alive. All the wars that tear your weak psyche apart The constant questioning of who you are And you love her too despite it all