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I was just watching No Breathing (Starring Seo In Guk, Lee Jung Suk, and Yuri) for the 20th time today, and i watched Behind the Scenes as well. Because of how cute they were together on and off set i officially ship In Guk x Jung suk!
I mean LOOK HOW CUTE THEY ARE!!!!!! They are so adorable with eachother they make a perfect bromance couple. Then Seo In Guk said something that sealed the deal.......
THIS. IS. ADORABLE!!!!! I love them and i ship them together so hard. I really hope they do something else together, until then i will continue to watch the cute, funny, and inspiring movie No Breathing ♡♡♡. If you havent yet, WATCH IT, its worth it. Do it for these cutie pies xD
* i do not own these adorable gifs and pics*
seriously, they are too cute!!!
They really are @mistymaity they need to do something else together soon xD