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*grins* "hot are they not" *raises eyebrows at same time. up and down up and down* "u like them don't u" ... 1 Sex later "sry u can go look for ur own guy he's mine" *games fone away* "don't u dare look at him. don't even speak his name" and walks away. friend: "wth I don't even care. don't even want to know his name they all look like girls anyway" you: *5 miles away hears this comes running back and ends up kicking ur friend and they end up flying into the wall* "even if ur my friend that don't give u the rite to say that. hmp it's okay *pats a pic of her bias* "she didn't mean it even if she did there's always me who will love u no matter wat"
****1 min later*** sry idk how it ended up being Sex instead of min