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I was talking about how tall Zelo from BAP is and you know what he told me and I quote: " Don't post any of that kiddie KPOP stuff anywhere." Argh!!! It's not kiddie and there are lots of people who love KPOP and that I'm actually on a social network for people who love KPOP! That's what I wanted to tell him but I just walked away. Sorry for ranting guys, I'm just mad at my dad and mom for thinking that it is little kiddish. I'm glad I have you guys to talk to about KPOP. (And I know this doesn't have to do about biases and all that jazz but I needed to rant to some people who understand me!)
As long as you don't hold your anger in! Rant all you want! And we will always be here for you! The Kpop love is far from childish they just can't understand that.
I totally understand you. My mom has always told me that Kpop is ridiculous but she started to accept it a little but what makes me mad is that recently I told her I wanted to wear a Kpop mouth mask and she goes and calls that ridiculous. Some advice,ignore them and be you.
I feel you girl my mother is the same way
According to my family, liking anything is childish. I was just told that I need to grow out of Doctor Who. So I know what you're going through. The best part of being a fangirl is you can be unapologetic when it comes to your interests and you'll have social networks who will always have your back.
I hate when my parents say that too ;-;