3 years ago100+ Views goes lol. @Firepanda @WonnieLee @AgentLeo @PrettieeEmm @Emealia @JonesyonMars @PasstheSuga @kpopandkimchu @KpopGaby @Asianinvasion97 1. My first Kpop song was Trapped by Henry 2. I discovered Kpop from a friend of mine who is one year older than me (she graduated last year ). At our piano banquet she showed me Trapped by Henry and even though I laughed and mocked it at first my curiosity took over and I ended up here. 3. My first female bias was Tiffany from Girls Generation because of her beautiful eye smile. 4. My first male bias was Key from SHINee 5. My first favorite male Kpop group was SHINee my first favorite girl group was Girls Generation. 6. The first choreography I learned was Gee by Girls Generation since I loved how cute it was. 7. I don't have a "favorite" group but I am very fond of BTS, 2PM, Got7, and Block B (and many many others I will not list here) 8. The first Kpop reality show I watch was SHINee's One Fine Day. 9. Another group that will have a special place in my heart is 2pm. I love how manly they are and the great happy feeling their music gives me. I also love how talented and funny they are. 10. The first Kpop thing I bought was a 12 pack of SHINee posters (I think I'm not entirely sure) 11. My life before Kpop was kind of empty. I didn't have anything that made me happy other than food. I had severe depression and was suicidal (I still am but Kpop helps). I also found it hard to make friends and talk to people. 12. Kpop has changed my life for the better. My depression has gotten alot better along with my suicidal thoughts. It gave me a reason to live (like concerts and going to Korea) and I've met some really awesome people because of it.