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No matter how many times I watch the Harry Potter movies (or re-read the books, but that's for another card), there are certain moments that never fail to make me cry. Seriously! You'd think that after a few times, I'd be a little desensitized, but it seems this series means too much to me to be able to not be affected.
So, after re-watching all the Harry Potter movies this weekend (yes, all of them. No, I didn't do anything else this weekend), I needed to let out my leftover emotions.
This card is full of spoilers. Lots of spoilers. So many spoilers. Don't keep going if you haven't seen all the movies/read all the books. Seriously.

Movies 1, 2 and 3

The best part about these three don't make me cry! I don't know why, really--perhaps it has a lot to do with the fact that they're setting the base for all that will affect me later. Or, simply, that the problems faced by Harry & co in the first three books/movies aren't as dark as everything that comes later on.
I don't think I cried when I first saw these movies, either, so it isn't just a matter of time. Am I the only one? Anyways, I made it through these ones with dry eyes. Huzzah!

Movie 4: The Goblet of Fire

I was doing so well. So, so well. Cedric died. That's sad and horrible and everything, but his death as it happens is a moment in a scene that is barely lingered in: Harry doesn't have a lot of time to care about the loss. There isn't time to be sad.
But then, Cedric's "ghost" (I don't know what to call those memories that come out of the wands) asks Harry to take his body back to his dad and I suddenly have a flashback of Cedric's dad, cheering him on. Ears are welling up with tears...
But then Harry is clutching Cedric's body and sobbing and everyone is cheering and then suddenly my face is getting wet. The tears are threatening to spill over even more. But I'm still holding it together. But then....

"Let me through...MY BOYYYYY!"

Cedric's dad loses it, and then I lose it, and I'm pretty sure I will never not lose it at that moment. His boy. His poor boy. Ugh. Watch it above if you like pain or whatever.
(And yes, I know the acting in this scene isn't great and it has it's horrible points but if you really immerse yourself in these movies like I did for the weekend, you will sob. That's it).

Movie 5: The Order of the Phoenix

I can't decide if this is the saddest movie for me or not. I don't think that it has the saddest moments, but we're definitely built up to feel the lose of a moment a lot more. So much hope for him and Sirius to become a family. While Harry has always had a family of sorts in the Weasleys and his friends, this is different. Sirius is more like a father to him than anyone has been or would ever be, and he really feels that hope even in the face of everything. We also get SO much Potter angst in this film (for good reason, I suppose) that we're feeling hopeful but angry and worried and angsty alongside him.
And then Sirius calls him James and I realize just how much Harry means for him, too--to a man who lost his friends and was accused of being part of their killings for so long. And then, in a moment, without being able to pause (seems a bit like Cedric's death, no? They happen so quickly)--he's gone. He's dead. Bellatrix has killed him.
And I'm crying again and he's falling into the Veil and Harry is screaming but we can't hear him. Which doesn't really matter because my sobs are loud enough to make up for it and I'm really crying and -- deep breaths. Whew. Ouch. Ouuuuch.
Sirius is my favorite male character in the entire series, so this one really hurts. Ouch.
I also almost cried whenever Harry lashes out at Dumbledore for not speaking to him, but I can't really explain that one. Blame my out of control emotions.

Movie 6: The Half-Blood Prince

Again, this reminds me of Movie 4 in that I'm making it through the whole thing just fine! Even though there is sadness and sad memories lingering through the whole movie, I'm doing okay. I'm doing great, even.
In fact, I don't even cry when Snape kills Dumbledore. Even though the slow motion falling of his body off the tower is really, really sad, I don't cry. I'm okay. It's not the death that is sad.
It is the farewell. I don't start crying until they gather around his body. Until the fact that Dumbledore is dead hits, and then I'm crying again--a quieter, softer cry. But yes. Crying again. Will I ever not be crying for the rest of these movies?

Movie 7: Deathly Hallows Part 1

Bless this movie for only making me cry one time! And in the beginning, rather than the end!
Perhaps it's because I am still not over Dumbledore at this point, but when Hermione makes the impossible (seriously, how could she manage this?!) decision to erase her parents' memories of her to keep them happy as she disappears, possibly forever, I cry like a baby.
I can't imagine it would feel to erase yourself from your family as she did. It's almost worse than them being taken from you, as doing it herself was her choice. It's heart breaking, especially later, when Ron says "you're the best at spells" when asking her to wipe the Death Eaters' memories. You can see her hesitation, and in that moment I cried a little, too, feeling the loss she chose to put herself through once again.
I didn't cry when Hedwig died this time, but I have before, and I understand how many did. Ouch. How many more movies are there?

Oh wait, we aren't done with this one? That's right. We're not done. Because I forgot that I cried at the end, too. For one reason: Dobby.

Dear, dear Dobby. You may have been infuriatingly intrusive at times, but you were a very good elf and a great friend to Harry and the others. You saved them--I don't know how they would have made it out otherwise. You saved them, and then Bellatrix killed you. I'm so, so glad that she will be taken care of.

Now, time to dry my tears and prepare for the final film.

Movie 8: Deathly Hallows Part 2

Surprisingly the least tear filled one for me of the ones I cried during.
Just kidding. I cried a lot
First off let me address this. How could part of the wonderful pair of Fred and George be lost?! HOW!! How! Ugh. I don't even have words other than ugh. I actually didn't cry when Fred died in the movie (the scene was really odd?) but in the book this hit me really hard, and the looks on the Weasley's faces when finding out he is dead is what did it for me--I definitely cried then.
Of course I cried when Snape's memories were playing, because even though I knew it from all the other times I've seen the movies and from reading the books before that, I still just can't imagine the sacrifices that he made in his life to protect the son of the woman he will always love. I didn't think I was going to cry during this part, but when Snape is sobbing and clutching Lily's body....well, that hit hard.
And well...call me super emotional if you want, but when Hermione says "I'll go with you" when she knows that Harry has to go let himself be killed by Voldemort, I pretty much started a silent cry there that continued on throughout the next few minutes of the movie. I kept crying when James and Sirius were talking to Harry in the woods on his way to meet Voldemort. Even though the scene in King's Cross with Dumbledore is happy--sort of--I kept crying.

And then I cried when it ended because let's be honest watching all 8 movies in one weekend was a bad idea and made me a little emotionally unstable.

Disclaimer: Watching all of these movies in a period of less than three days is really not recommended if you want to get like, anything else finished. Just saying. You'll be on the verge of tears for a few minutes / hours / days after finishing. You've been warned!!
Now, to re-read all the books again....
Sometimes when I'm having a bad day I watch a Potter movie, cry, and think to myself, "man, I had a bad day, but at least I'm not Harry Potter. Everyone he loves dies! And he has to fight the Dark Lord!" So you could say I really resonated with this card. Especially Dobby dying. Ugh NOT DOBBY (uncontrollable sobs)
Oh my goodness I totally feel this card! I can't believe you watched them all in one weekend! That sounds both awesome and upsetting. Deathly Hallows Part 1 is definitely my favorite, and the opening scene gets me every time (just hearing the song 'Obliviate' makes me tear up). But The scene where Harry and Hermione dance sort of gets me too. I get so caught up thinking about how young and brave they are... and honestly? The scene in the Malfoy dungeons, right before Harry and Ron escape. When I read that scene in the book the first time, it really hit me how REAL it all was. Like... these were my cool kids' books and suddenly one of my favorite characters is being tortured and possibly killed! Oh my goodness now I'm gonna be crying at work T_T
@nicolejb oh wow! I do the same thing too but for the opposite reason. These stories always give me so much hope. Sure, there's so much grief and unfairness, but Harry is still brave and honest and he perseveres. These stories are all about love and it's really encouraging for me to see them when I'm feeling sad
Also fun fact it's Harry's 35th birthday on Friday.