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In this radio interview, Boyfriend talked about a variety of things, mostly to their Chinese fans because, well... this is a Chinese radio show in Korea.
But, they discussed a couple of very interesting things that I thought you would like to know... (I mean, just LOOK AT HOW ADORABLE KWANGMIN AND YOUNGMIN ARE IN THIS PICTURE)
In the order the video shows (in case you don't understand Chinese or Korean, but it's still funny to watch), I'll have the summary of what happened for you here.
First, they talked about who had the best butt, (Kim Donghyun), who had the best legs (a tie between Kwangmin and Minwoo), and who the most popular member is (Kwangmin). Then they actually competed for the butt champion title (in which Donghyun won), and even continued to challenge the radio hosts (Donghyun won against the male host, and Minwoo lost against the female host).
Then they asked questions such as who gets angry the least (Donghyun and Kwangmin), who the members would date if they were girls (Kwangmin won the most votes), who is the most detail oriented (Hyunseong), and who would most easily be trolled (Youngmin, a consensus).
And they also adorably eat chicken. The end.
If you want me to translate anything, just ask!