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As we all know, GD started out his career very very young under SM entertainment. Which was really before SM was as huge as it is now. I have one question (kind of a couple, actually) to pose to all you Vinglers out there.
The first question is this: Where would GD be now if Little Roora had never been terminated? He described it as "schoking", and said to his mother that he would never try to be a singer again. I feel that if it never got cut, GD would still be a part of SM today. Even though SM scouted him after the fact, the group may have been cut later, if it lasted longer, then Jiyong would have been older and more understanding, and therefore once in SM, not felt pressured to leave. But also, if he stayed, then Big Bang probably would not have existed, since Youngbae was a trainee under YG. They probably wouldn't have met, and therefore never made their duo. Which is a scary thought.
Hypothesizing Big Bang without GD is a hard thing to do. So the second question have for you all is this: where would the other performers be without Jiyong in the group? That is, if you think there would even be a group now. As most of us know, there was a sixth member of BB before debut, but one got cut (who is now in Beast). What I'm thinking, is that if there was never a Jiyong in YG, there could be two possible end results. The first being BB would still be formed, but with YB as the leader, and with the sixth member (well, five now again technically) still there. I feel there would not be as many solos and duos as there currently are. I feel like GD brings the group together, and helped make them shine. The second possibility I can see happening is this: BB never formed, and things stayed as solos. YB would probably still be a star, TOP may still be an underground rapper, and DS and Seungri may still be under YG, but not nearly as big as they would be now.
While I like posting cards about fangirling and fanboying over our idols, by what I love even more (if I have time to) is to post meaningful and thought-provoking cards for everyone to think about. With that being said, enjoy these pictures of our beloved Kwon Jiyong, and tell me what you guys think about what I have to say. I would LOVE to hear what you all think. *end hypothetical philosophy time*
I also just want to thank GD. He brings us more than music. He brings us emotions by pulling us into his world with his feelings and lyrics. So... (I know he'll never see this), but thank you Kwon Jiyong!
@stevieq I agree. I don't think GD & TOP would have stayed in SM for very long, and if they have they wouldn't be as big as they are now. The biggest thing about GD is his individuality and his artistic expression which I think he could showcase better at YG than at SM. Same with TOP
I agree with @DanaNikole89 since GD & TOP are childhood friends and he recruited him they would be under the same company regardless. But I don't think they would have stayed under SM with their personalities fitting YG so well. There is the possibility that there personality would be more SM like but with the controversies surrounding the artists leaving starting with TVXQ & JYJ I don't know if they would stay in SM. also seeing how big Daesung and Seungri are in Japan they would probably be solo artists in Japan and Taeyang would be a solo artist in Korea of Big Bang did form at all. Concerning Junhyung I think he would have still ended up in B2ST with out a doubt. His feel is very YG like but he also fits in perfectly with his current company. I don't want to think of a BigBang without GD but without GD there is no TOP and there is no BigBang But like I said I don't think GD & TOP would like SM and would definitely leave.
it's a sad thought bigbang with no G Dragon. It would just be four members, without G Dragon there would be no top. Since G Dragon recruited Top he most likely would be at sm with G Dragon.
when I saw gd gone I was like what. what is going on noooo don't make him go away. like don't get me wrong I love all the boys but if I had to pick one who is my oppa/bias ( I think I spilt right * hoping*) it would be gd js
Considering GD wrote the songs that made BB famous, I don't know how far they could go without him. The other members are certainly talented enough to make BB famous, buy not real BigBang famous. If that makes sense.