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Manga artist King Gonta – who is well-known by his adventure manga called Soten Koro, has released new manga series in Weekly Manga Action (Japanese seinen manga magazine) published today January 8. His new manga series which is called “Tatsujinden ~9man ri o kaze ni nori ~” took place in the Warring States Period (the sengoku period) of China. It follows the stormy adventures of the man who confronted the entire empire. Futabasha Publisher has also released the first chapter of “Tatsujinden ~9man ri o kaze ni nori ~” on their website. You guys can read it for free here: http://futabasha.pluginfree.com/weblish/futabawebact/King_Tatsujinden_001_1_5E6F3/index.shtml?rep=1. *Weekly Manga Action" is considered the first true seinen magazine. A lot of famous seinen manga like Crayon Shin chan, Lupin III ... have been serialized in this magazine.*